How Cosmetic Businesses Can Grow Affiliate Programs on Social Media

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The Affiliate marketing can have a profound effect on your business

Affiliate marketing in area of cosmetics has the potential to be a major driver of customers to your business. One of the main challenges of building a successful affiliate program for cosmetics manufacturers, though, is affiliate recruitment. Social media has the potential to be a leading source of affiliates, with numerous users across the various platforms and many skilled content creators. Using the following approach, a business can recruit motivated affiliates and grow its cosmetic brand across social media.

Build a Robust Affiliate Program

Affiliates need to trust the affiliate platform if they are willing to direct traffic to offers. The program needs to be robust, accurately tracking visitors and sales. You can include referral links, enabling affiliates to track their traffic and keywords. Marketing material also makes it possible to promote offers without the need to build graphics and banners. If you don't want to develop your own affiliate program, you can join an existing network to simplify the process.

Start with Appropriate Social Platforms

There are many social media platforms, each offering different approaches and audiences. While you might want to target an assortment of sites, you can limit your effectiveness by spreading yourself too thin. Focus on one or two sites at first, growing your efforts over time. If you want to reach business affiliates, for example, you could start with LinkedIn. Pinterest owners are affluent and active on the platform, so they may want to promote your cosmetic products. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are also popular options.

Find and Contact Potential Affiliates

When you have settled on a platform, you can start an outreach program. You will want to identify potential affiliates who are insterested in cosmetics and reach out to them with an effective offer. Tools like BuzzSumo provide plenty of stats related to content and influencers. It is also worth looking at the affiliates working with some of your competitors. Providing a competitive commission will increase your success rate while limiting the amount of work required by an affiliate will be attractive.

Collaborate on Effective Content

Affiliates will often have their own approach to promoting an offer. Some affiliates send traffic directly to a sales page, while others use email marketing. Social media affiliates will usually have built a following who respond to their content. These users may be active on Twitter or post engaging images to Instagram. Collaborating with top affiliates to create content can produce excellent results, ensuring your brand is represented well and your affiliates still get plenty of input. You could work to create a unique campaign based on the style of an affiliate, or just offer them marketing material and resources to simplify their job.

Keep Your Information Tools up to Date

The information channel landscape keeps changing at breathtaking speed. What was common just few years ago, may even no longer exist. Remember Google Reader, a tool to organize and aggregate rss feeds? Not only it is now discontinued, but the whole idea of keeping oneself up to date with rss feeds has faded and gave its place to social media. Cosmetics have traditionally been a very explorative area, so expect the market players to be at the forefront of exploration and dont be afraid to follow them.

Refine Your Approach with Data

Social media offers a lot of data that can be used to refine your approach. You may find that a certain social platform gains interest, but the traffic doesn't convert to sales. Alternatively, a smaller site could provide a higher conversion rate at a lower cost. Ideally, you will find a number of affiliates you can work with over the long term. A small number of successful and active affiliates can then become the foundation of your social approach. By following these steps, it is possible for an cosmetics-focused enterprise to find a number of effective affiliates. Many programs opt for an approach that focuses on large-scale recruitment. However, you will normally find a small number of affiliates drive a large number of new customers. Take the time to uncover the best affiliates, giving them the resources to promote you well. With a more strategic approach to your affiliate program, you can find affiliates motivated to promote your brand.