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Dermaplaning Cerazor
Dermaplaning CerazorDermaplaning CerazorDermaplaning Cerazor

Dermaplaning Cerazor

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Dermaplaning in Questions and Answers
What is dermaplaning?
Originally dermaplaning was a medical treatment that has been carried out by dermatologists for more than 40 years in order to level irregularities of the skin such as scars. For this purpose, the skin is gradually removed with a very sharp scalpel in thin layers. What doctors noticed is that dermaplaning can have a very positive effect on the scin radiance: the skin appears smoother and visibly younger. For a long time, the Hollywood stars have kept dermaplaning as an insider's tip for themselves and used dermaplaning before events on the red carpet in order to look stunning even on the merciless pictures of the HD cameras. For several years now, dermaplaning has become more popular with the general public. In the meantime, many salons in Asia, America and increasingly in Europe offer this treatment. 

How is dermaplaning carried out?
During dermaplaning, a sharp scalpel is used to remove the top of the five skin layers. This has two effects: on the one hand, small irregularities and unsightly skin are immediately removed and on the other hand, the skin is encouraged to form new cells in order to renew the removed layers. The result: smooth, radiant and healthy skin. Dermaplaning also removes the fine facial hairs (flaum) resulting in a very smooth skin with an even complexion after the treatment.
Professional dermaplaning is performed with unsecured, very sharp scalpels by trained personnel. The treatment in the beauty salon begins with a facial cleansing process, which sometimes involves putting warm towels on the face to moisturise and soften the skin at the same time. For the actual dermaplaning the cosmetician pulls the skin tightly with fingers and shaves it gradually with the scalpel.
Here you see a video showing how a professional dermaplaning is done.
Can I do dermaplaning at home?
Yes, but please do it right! Please refrain from attempting dermaplaning yourself after a YouTube video using a medical scalpel, as this could easily result in injury! Numerous videos from bloggers on YouTube show how you can perform dermaplaning yourself using an eyebrow razor instead of a scalpel. That's not a very good idea either! 
Meanwhile, there are special blade holders for dermaplaning blades that help you to hold the blade at the right angle on your skin for good results. All of these products require you to practice correct blade handling before you can reliably achieve the desired result and their use is not without risk of injury. Instead, we recommend our Dermaplaning Cerazor: a cost-effective alternative that delivers perfect results safely and without practice during the first application. In addition, Cerazor is metal-free and protects your skin from chromium and nickel allergies!
What are the advantages of dermaplaning as a peeling method?
Dermaplaning has two decisive advantages. On the one hand, you can determine the intensity of the peeling yourself and "dose" it, especially if you use our Dermaplaning Cerazor. Furthermore, only dermaplaning removes the downy hairs at the same time. Unlike chemical peeling, dermaplaning does not interfere with the pH value of the skin and is much better tolerated.

Is it still dermaplaning when I shave my face with an ordinary razor (and foam)?
This question can be answered with a clear "no". Though you will get rid of the facial hair with this method, it does not control the uppermost layer of the skin and does not evenly remove it as is the case with dermaplaning. The reason for this is that ordinary shavers are designed to remove facial hair, not the dead skin layers. Therefore, a normal shave does not have the same positive effects as a dermaplaning treatment. 
In other words, a facial shave with foam and an ordinary razor is just a normal shave!!

Does dermaplaning enhance hair growth?
This question can also be answered with a clear "no". The thickness and colour of the hairs is genetically determined in the hair root. Dermaplaning cannot influence this. The facial hair grows just as thin after the treatment as it was before. Experts agree: you don't have to be afraid of thicker hair or increased hair growth.
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Dermaplaning is the removal of the uppermost skin layer in the face using an ultra-sharp blade. Dermaplaning combines a thorough facial scrub with the removal of facial hair (fluff). After dermaplaning, the skin appears lastingly smoother and fresher and without downy hair gets a radiant, even appearance. It is not a coincidence that dermaplaning has long been one of the Hollywood stars' best kept secrets. Meanwhile, this beauty trend has also gained popularity in the USA, Asia and most recently also in Europe. Find out more about dermaplaning in additional information ↓. With our dermaplaning Cerazor you can perform dermaplaning by yourself safely and comfortably at home. Benefit from the spectacular results of this incredible method, without expensive visits to the beauty salon.

The Dermaplaning Cerazor is a tool specially designed for use at home that looks like a shaver and is similarly easy to use. This means that you can use Dermaplaning Cerazor immediately and without prior training, as you intuitively already know how to use it correctly. However, the similarities with a razor also stop there, because the cutting surface of the dermaplaning cerazor is constructed quite differently than that of a conventional razor.

The heart of the Dermaplaning Cerazor is the patented exfoliator, which consists of a highly resistant and extremely sharp ceramic blade. The blade of the exfoliator rests on flat supporting surfaces so that the exfoliator glides gently over the skin. It has three ultra-sharp blades that remove the uppermost layer of skin during the treatment and perform a mechanical peeling action on the skin. The first pass with Dermaplaning Cerazor removes dead skin cells and provides a very light peeling result. Additional passes intensify the result. This allows the intensity of dermaplaning to be precisely controlled and adjusted. The exfoliator also removes fine fluff and coarser facial hairs, making your skin instantly silky and smooth.

Dermaplaning Cerazor with its ceramic exfoliator remains sharp for a very long time, never rusts and can serve you well for several years. Since it has no metal parts, dermaplaning cerazor does not cause any chromium or nickel allergies, as is the case with conventional metal blades. The swinging head of the dermaplaning Cerazor is narrow, but flexible and also works well in difficult areas such as on and around the nose.

Cleaning the Dermaplaning Cerazor is very easy: Simply rinse it under running water and the ceramic blade is clean again. However, be careful not to drop your Dermaplaning Cerazor and not to knock it against hard surfaces, as this can break the ceramic blade.

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Any questions? Please contact our customer service at any time: 043 538 23 43!
Very important: in order for Dermaplaning Cerazor to function perfectly, the skin must be clean during application. It should be kept slightly moist during application with clean, warm water. Make sure that the skin does not get dry. Also avoid shaving foam, gel or similar products. 

All you have to do is slide the blade head of the dermaplaning cerazor over your skin. The application is so simple and safe! You don't have to pay attention to the correct position or angle of the blades, nor do you have to fear any injuries, as it is the case with unsecured dermaplaning scalpels.

It is best to systematically work the face from top to bottom and from left to right (or vice versa). Treat a small area of the face of about 3 x 3 cm each time. Moisten the skin with water, pull it tightly with your fingers and let the dermaplaning cerazor glide over the skin in a fluid movement and with light pressure. 

Every time the dermaplaning Cerazor moves over the same skin area, this counts as one passage. The intensity of the peeling depends on the number of passages:

Very light: 1 passage
Light: 2 - 3 passages
Medium: 4 - 6 passages
Intensive: 7 - 9 passages
Perform several passages in succession until you have achieved the desired peeling result. Then rinse the dermaplaning cerazor briefly under running water and move to the next area of the face. Of course, you can treat some areas more intensively than others: dermaplaning makes it very easy!

Note: Dermaplaning with Cerazor is very effective. Therefore, start with a few passages: one or two passages are usually sufficient at the beginning! Observe how your skin feels. If you feel like you need a stronger peeling effect, you can do additional passages. Over time you will know exactly what peeling intensity is optimal for your skin. As with any other peeling method, reddening of the skin can occur at high intensity, but this usually disappears quickly. Dermaplaning has the advantage that you can decide for yourself how much of the upper skin layer you want to remove and can stop before redness occurs.
Important: Peeling is stressful for the skin, because the renewal of the worn out skin, i. e. skin regeneration, consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, you should not carry out face peeling methods, including dermaplaning, more often than once a week. In case of dry or sensitive skin, we reccomend to limit the treatments to once a month.
We recommend that you perform dermaplaning after a warm shower, as the skin is not only cleansed but also soft and well prepared for the exfoliation. Of course, it is not necessary to take a shower every time before application: you can also simply remove the make-up, cleanse the face with your favourite product and rinse with water.
Follow-up treatment: After dermaplaning, the skin is freed of dead skin cells. This makes it easier for skin care products to penetrate into the inner layers of the skin and develop their full effect. Try our very light and extremely effective serums with organicly grown medicinal plants from the Swiss Alps: anti-wrinkle serum with alpine rue, serum against dark circles with alpine helmet cabbage or serum against oily skin with alpine willowherb. If you get redness after exfoliation, you can alleviate it with our serum with alpine mallow extract or with the serum with alpine masterwort extract within a few hours.
Even if you do not want to use products with a special effect, the application of a skin care product after dermaplaning is highly recommended. Choose for example our Argan oil, Secrets of Argania, from Morocco, an allrounder for your skin care!